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The new Volkswagen Taigo was born as a compact crossover with a dynamic and sporty touch, transverse engine and front-wheel drive.

The central German brand of its group has just launched its new Volkswagen Taigo model (2022) in the compact SUV coupé format, which is currently so fashionable, adding the model to its already existing SUV offer ( T-Cross and R-Roc). Know more about Plymouth ne shitje.

For its design, it has been based on the Volkswagen Nivus that is marketed exclusively in Brazil , thus creating a new model for Europe within the current trend to “Coupetize” SUVs.

Its dimensions are very similar to those of its brothers Polo and T-Cross, with which it also shares many parts, which has allowed its production to be located in the factory in Landaben (Navarra), so that it becomes the third Volkswagen “Made in Spain” .

VOLKSWAGEN TAIGO 2022 Length m Anchura m Height m Batalla m trunk liters
  4,27 1,76 1,49 2,56 438

Due to its sloping rear window, the tailgate goes down quite a bit, which translates into a trunk with a somewhat smaller capacity than that of its SUV T-Cross brother (470 litres). At the same time, it is somewhat lower and longer, but with the same ground clearance of 18.5 cm , generating greater width and height inside (more than a meter free to the ceiling in front and almost 95 cm behind).

A classic exterior design

It is quite an attractive design, very effectively combining the tourism line with a crossover DNA , although quite sober and very balanced.

The front bumper clearly highlights its width while the side view l with large wheel arches and a not very high waist, quite a dynamic image. Thanks to its enlarged roof deflector compared to the T-Cross, it gives it a more dynamic, functional and aerodynamic appearance.

At the rear there are some newly designed optical groups that are divided between the tailgate and wings, very horizontal and that are joined by a light strip that helps to accentuate its width, always reinforcing its global dynamism.

The tailgate was designed by Marco Pavone (Volkswagen’s head of exterior design), adding steeply raked rear C-pillars that are the actual mechanism.

that generates its SUV coupé line with its 5 doors, achieving, despite everything, a more than remarkable amplitude.

Its new wheels from 16” to 18” (optional) also collaborate in its dynamic design, also offering a range of 8 body colors, which can be combined with the black roof if you access what the brand has called “ Roof Pack ” . .

gasoline engines

Indeed, the motor offer is based on the three gasoline engines of the Polo and the T-Cross, TSI with the three-cylinder 1.0 turbo in 95 and 110 CV and the 4-cylinder turbo 1.5 of 150 CV, with the following reference values:

  • 0 TSI with 95 hp , with a 5-speed manual gearbox and a top speed of 183 km/h.
  • 0 TSI 110 hp with 6-speed manual transmission as standard and optionally 7-speed DSG automatic and capable of 191 km/h top speed.
  • 5 TSI 150 hp , with automatic transmission DSG7 and an official maximum speed of 212 km/h

All engines are equipped with front- wheel drive exclusively, although we know that in the future they may optionally mount all-wheel drive.

Four trim levels with highly differentiated equipment

The 4 trim levels offered on the market are as follows:

  • Taigo , the basic that incorporates as standard:
    • air conditioning
    • electric adjustment of external mirrors
    • power windows or electric windows (4)
    • digital panel (the basic 8” Digital Cockpit, with a 6.5” multimedia screen)
    • Lane Assist (involuntary lane departure warning)
    • diode headlights
    • Front Assist (autonomous emergency braking)
  • Life , which will be the most commercialized, reinforcing its image with:
    • black roof bars
    • front with metallic transverse grille
    • 16” alloy wheels
    • light projection to the ground of the model logo from the lights in the external mirrors
    • toma extra USB-C
    • leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel
    • possibility of optionally having an opening panoramic roof
  • Luxury ” Style” and sporty ” R-Line” , located at the same level, although each with an accent on comfort or sportsmanship. Both equip:
    • superior digital panel, the  Digital Cockpit Pro (with a 10.25” screen for the panel and 8” for the central multimedia)
    • different seats and upholstery (Art Velours, with an optional mixed one) and extra lines of equipment (Black Style or Roof Pack)
    • diode fog lights
    • 17″ diameter wheels (specific in each one), being able to go up to 18″ diameter optionally
    • second level of matrix diode headlights ( Matrix LED IQ-Light ), with variable intensity and automatic change of low beam and high beam

Optionally , the Taigo can be equipped with:

  • Climatronic air conditioning  as standard, Climatronic Touch touch controls can be added as an option
  • Intelligent cruise control ( DRIVE Travel Assist ) with semi-automatic driving up to 210 km/h
  • Sound system «Beats» (with 300W and 6 speakers)
  • 9.2” multimedia screen with “Discover Pro” (in addition to the 8” multimedia screen with the Ready2Discover system or the superior Discover Media system that is already fitted as standard)
  • ” Black Style ” design package on R-Line level
  • Travel Assist con:
    • emergency braking with pedestrian detection (up to 85 km/h)
    • multi-collision braking to prevent the car from suffering a second shock after an accident
    • active protection of the occupants (closing roof and windows where appropriate and tightening seat belts if the car detects an imminent crash)
    • assisted parking system
    • lane keeping system

An interesting detail of the Style and R-Line levels is that they can optionally feature the diode front light profile with its daytime running light with a fine horizontal light band located on the grille.

All Taigo have the MIB3 multimedia system with menu functions, compatible with all current mobile systems and including the online control unit (eSIM) , “ ConnectWireless app ”, as well as access to streaming services , voice control and the latest MIB3.1 services.

official prices

The brand ensures that the prices it has built for the Volkswagen Taigo are capable of competing with its opponents in both European and Asian markets.

The first units in our market will be delivered in January 2022 , and can already be ordered in advance with prices starting at €20,300 for the access version (1.0 TSI 95 CV “Life”), already including discounts and launch promotions.

The prices of the versions that are marketed at launch, without possible discounts or commercial campaigns , are the following:

Version Change PVP (*)
TSI 95 CV Taigo Manual 5 gears
TSI 95 CV Life Manual 5 gears 24.110
TSI 110 CV Life Manual 6 gears
TSI 110 CV Life DSG 7 gears 26.170
TSI 110 CV R-Line Manual 6 gears
TSI 110 CV R-Line DSG 7 gears 29.130
TSI 150 CV R-Line DSG 7 gears 31.110

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