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A steam generator shower brings the relaxing, rejuvenating benefits of a steam room right into your own bathroom. This luxurious home upgrade uses advanced steam technology to deliver a soothing spa experience any time you want.

Here is a complete guide to understanding how steam generator showers work, top brands and models to consider, costs, necessary bathroom preparations, and how to get the most therapeutic benefits from your investment.

What Is a Steam Generator Shower?

A steam generator shower produces a spa-quality steam environment within a specially designed shower enclosure. It utilizes an advanced steam generator unit that quickly heats water to create soothing wet steam.

This warm, moist steam infuses your shower, providing relaxation for your mind and body. Inhaling the steam also offers respiratory and sinus benefits. Steam generator showers are the ultimate way to recreate a luxury home spa.

How Does a Steam Generator Shower Work?

A steam generator shower has two main components – the shower area and the steam generator unit:

Steam Generator Unit

This is the engine that quickly heats water and converts it into steam vapor. It uses heating elements to rapidly boil water, then delivers pressurized steam through outlets into the shower area.

The generator is usually installed in a nearby vanity or closet and connected to the shower enclosure via plumbing lines. This allows easy access for maintenance while keeping all steam contained within the shower.

Shower Enclosure

This is the waterproof area, typically with glass doors or surrounds, that contains the steam outlets, showerheads, controls and seating. The enclosure keeps steam safely inside while you enjoy your spa session.

Doors seal tightly closed, and the walls and ceiling have special materials to withstand moist heat without condensation buildup. Adjustable vents allow you to control steam flow.

Top Steam Generator Shower Brands

Quality and performance can vary greatly among steam shower brands. Look for a reputable manufacturer that specializes in home steam products. Top brands include:

1. MrSteam

As the top-selling and most trusted brand, MrSteam sets the standard for luxury steam showers. Their units produce ultra-pure steam quietly and efficiently. They offer a range of models at different price points.

2. ThermaSol

ThermaSol is another highly regarded brand that manufactures modern steam generator systems with the latest technology. Their Serenity model line aims to recreate authentic spa experiences.

3. Steamist

With over 50 years of experience, Steamist provides innovative, efficient steam generator solutions for both homes and spas. Their products are made in the USA using eco-friendly components.

4. Amerec

Amerec designs heavy-duty steam generators perfect for home steam room conversions or shower upgrades. Their systems are customized to your space with options like aroma steam.

5. SteamSauna

For affordable steam generator systems, SteamSauna is a great option. Their spa-grade products bring luxury steam to standard bathrooms without breaking the budget.

Be sure to purchase your system from licensed dealers of reputable brands to ensure a quality installation and long-lasting performance.

How Much Does Installing a Steam Shower Cost?

The total cost to install a steam generator shower ranges from $3000 to $8000 depending on the:

  • Size and type of shower enclosure – custom walk-in vs stand-up.
  • Steam generator power – 6kw to 18kw. More power generates more steam.
  • Material finishes like acrylic, tile, glass, stone, wood.
  • Features such as chromotherapy lights, Bluetooth music, accessories.
  • Labor for installation and any necessary bathroom remodeling.

On average, expect to invest around $5000-6000 to transform your basic shower into a relaxing at-home spa with a steam generator system.

Steam Shower Installation

Proper installation by qualified technicians is crucial to ensure your steam generator shower functions safely and efficiently. Here are the key steps:

  • Remove any existing shower walls/doors and prepare the area for new waterproof enclosure.
  • Install the steam generator unit in a nearby vanity or closet space with access to water and power lines.
  • Fully seal the new shower walls and ceiling with waterproof sealant to contain steam.
  • Install the steam outlets, digital control panel, showerheads and benches according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Connect plumbing lines from the steam generator to shower steam outlets.
  • Program the digital controls and test thoroughly to ensure proper steam production.

Depending on your bathroom layout, some reconfiguring of plumbing lines or electrical may be needed. Installation typically takes 1-3 days with materials curing overnight.

Designing Your Steam Shower Space

You have lots of options when designing your dream steam shower. Consider factors like:

  • Size – Minimum of 36” x 36” for a stand-up shower. Walk-in showers offer more space for multiple people.
  • Shape – Rectangular, square or custom curved shapes. Corner units save space.
  • Seating – Built-in teak benches or pedestal seats for comfort.
  • Materials – Tile, stone, glass, acrylic or waterproof wood panels.
  • Doors – Frameless or semi-frameless glass doors contain steam best. Make sure they seal tightly.
  • Steam heads – Multiple outlets evenly spaced provide fuller coverage.
  • Controls – Digital panels allow you to fully customize and program your steam sessions.
  • Lighting – Chromotherapy, starry sky effects or basic shower lighting.
  • Special features – Waterfalls, body sprays, Bluetooth music, aroma therapy.

Top 5 Steam Shower Benefits

A steam generator shower offers total mind and body rejuvenation right at home. The key benefits include:

1. Stress Relief

The warm humidity induces deep relaxation as your muscles unwind. Steam showers promote mental calmness and reduce anxiety.

2. Detoxification

Sweating releases toxins, heavy metals and pollutants from your skin to gently cleanse your body from within. This light perspiration is cleansing without exertion.

3. Respiratory Relief

Inhaling the moist steam loosens mucus, clears nasal passages and hydrates airways. This provides relief for allergies, colds, asthma and sinus issues.

4. Healthy Skin & Hair

The steam opens your pores to cleanse impurities, stimulate circulation and nourish your complexion. Hair also benefits from the hydrating moisture.

5. Sore Muscle Therapy

The soothing wet heat increases blood flow to ease muscle tension, joint stiffness and speed post-workout recovery.

Just 10-20 relaxing minutes provides total rejuvenation!

Tips for Using Your Steam Shower

Follow these tips to enjoy the most health benefits and spa-quality experience from your steam generator shower:

  • Start with 5-10 minutes at first until your body adjusts to the steam. Then build up to 15-20 minute sessions.
  • Shower and wash your body first before turning on the steam function.
  • Use Cool Down mode between steam cycles to gradually lower your body temperature.
  • Add a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus to the steam line for aromatherapy benefits.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol before use to prevent dehydration or dizziness.
  • Sit, relax and breathe deeply to lower your heart rate and enjoy the full stress relief.
  • Increase steam levels gradually for comfort and safety.
  • Open the door or step out if you feel overheated or lightheaded at any point.

Your steam generator system comes pre-programmed with settings to deliver the perfect spa experience.

Maintaining Your Steam Shower

With proper care and maintenance, a quality steam generator shower will provide many years of reliable performance. Follow these tips:

  • Wipe down the enclosure after each use with a squeegee to prevent soap buildup and mildew.
  • Use grooming products like CLR to prevent limescale accumulation in the steam jets.
  • Clean and replace the filter and water inlet as needed per manufacturer instructions, usually every 6-12 months.
  • Test the auto drain functions monthly to keep lines clear.
  • Use distilled water to prevent mineral deposits from hard water damage.
  • Keep the steam enclosure glass clean using 100% soft cotton towels to prevent scratches.
  • Ensure the door seals and drains remain watertight. Reseal with silicone if any condensation forms inside.
  • Call technicians for annual servicing to keep components in top condition.

Troubleshooting Common Steam Shower Problems

If your steam performance declines, check for these common issues:

Insufficient steam – Clean/replace filters or shower heads clogged with mineral buildup. Increase steam run time.

Musty smell – Clean the system thoroughly. Check for leaks. Add disinfectant to the steam line.

Leaks – Ensure plumbing connections are secure. Reapply silicone sealant anywhere condensation forms. Replace worn door seals.

Loud noise – Remove scale deposits from the heating element. Check water levels and generator positioning.

No steam – Ensure water and power supply lines are on. Check circuit breakers. Pressurize and reset the system.

Most steam generator problems can be resolved with thorough cleaning, descaling and checking for clogged/leaking components. Call technicians for any errors persisting after basic troubleshooting steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need for a steam shower?

A stand-up steam shower requires at least 36” x 36”. For a walk-in model, 5-6 ft by 4-5 ft is ideal. The enclosure should be sealed on all sides.

What is the difference between a steam room vs steam shower?

A steam room is a dedicated free-standing space designed just for steam sessions. A steam shower creates a steam environment inside a waterproof shower enclosure.

Can you put a steam shower anywhere?

Steam showers require proper water, drainage and electrical connections, ideally in close vicinity. The steam generator must vent properly without overheating.

Is a steam shower better than a sauna?

Steam showers provide moist heat so they excel at respiratory and skin benefits. Saunas use dry heat that’s superior for detoxing and cardiovascular effects.

Can you use steam showers every day?

Yes, using a steam shower daily is safe provided you build up a tolerance gradually. Limit to 10-15 minutes, stay hydrated and monitor overheating signs.

How long do steam showers last?

With proper installation and maintenance, a quality steam generator shower system should provide 10-15 years of reliable performance before components may need replacing.


A steam generator shower brings all the benefits of a luxury steam room into the convenience of your own bathroom. Investing in this spa upgrade provides a soothing, therapeutic daily ritual right at home for total mind and body renewal. Follow our guide for choosing the system that fits your space and budget. With proper care, you’ll enjoy many years of rejuvenating steam shower experiences.

A growing number of reputable companies focus exclusively on luxury sauna and steam room installations across Dubai’s upscale hotels and residential towers. Leading vendors like Sauna Studio Dubai and Wellness First Gulf utilize premier European equipment to provide complete end-to-end fitting and customization services. Their all-inclusive packages cover necessary design work, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, safety features, and ongoing annual maintenance support.