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If there are three small children in your family, car trips are sure to become an adventure. We show you the best cars that admit three child seats in the second row of seats.

Families with three small children are forced to also install three child seats in the same car . Faced with this situation, parents find themselves with fewer options when choosing a vehicle, since there are not many models that have three individual rear seats. Know more about ktm ne shitje.

To travel with your family comfortably and without running any risk, take note of the best vehicles to install three child seats. And of course, don’t forget to have your car insurance in order to provide greater peace of mind to your loved ones.

Best cars for three child seats

The offer of cars with the possibility of installing three child seats in the rear row is basically reduced to the minivan segment and, to a lesser extent, some SUVs and the new generations of combi vans . Even within these segments it is not easy to find models with three individual seats in the second row. Next, we highlight six that do allow the placement of three Child Restraint Systems (CRS).

Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer

This minivan manufactured in Vigo has a large interior space, excellent modularity and a high level of driver assistance equipment. It has 7 seats and, in addition, the three seats in the second row are independent and have the same width , which allows three child seats to be installed with ease. The boot capacity ranges from 537 to 630 litres, depending on whether the seats are folded or not. The engine is 130 hp 3-cylinder Puretech gasoline.

Ford S Max

We have here another vehicle manufactured in Spain (Valencia) with 7 seats in which three CRS also fit thanks to the three individual seats in its second row equipped with Isofix anchors. The trunk is somewhat small: 285 liters, but can reach 2,200 liters if the seats are folded. It is a sports car , with good equipment and ecological, since the new model mounts a 190 hp hybrid engine.

Ford Galaxy

Similar to the previous one, but larger, the Galaxy is a practical and versatile 7-seater minivan. Its second row is made up of fully individual seats , therefore, three child seats can be installed without problems. In addition, these seats can be rotated, folded and reclined independently . Design is not its forte, but comfort, its ample interior space and those large windows are. The boot capacity ranges from 200 to 2,339 litres. Its hybrid engine combines a gasoline with an electric one that offer a combined power of 190 CV.

Renault Space

It is one of the few 5-seater cars that comfortably fit three child seats in the second row thanks to its individual seats that can move longitudinally . However, there is also a 7-seater variant. The trunk has a capacity of 247 liters or 2,035 with the passenger compartment cleared. Mount a blue dCi diesel engine with a power of 160 or 190 hp.

Audi Q7

In addition to having three individual and wide seats in the second row, these can be slid to increase even more space. Those in the second row come with Isofix anchorage and in the third row it can be included as an option. The boot is another of its great strengths, with a minimum capacity of 605 liters and a maximum of 2,075, ideal dimensions for traveling long distances with the family. For the rest, we find everything you would expect from an Audi: build quality, elegance and luxury. It is available in a diesel, gasoline or hybrid version.

Citroën C5 Aircross

This mid-size SUV is another rare case of a 5-seater car that can fit three CRSs in its rear row . To this we must add a vast interior space and a large trunk that ranges from 580 liters to 1,630 with the seats folded down. It is, therefore, one of the best options for family trips. As for the engine, we can find it in a gasoline, diesel or plug-in hybrid version. The latter offers 225 hp and enjoys the DGT ZERO label.

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