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If you are planning to rent accommodation and you are feeling stressed, read our advice for a quick and efficient rental search.

We’re not going to lie to each other, finding a rental apartment or house can be a real hassle. Who has never been stressed about not finding their rental in time? Who has never torn their hair out on moving day? The golden rule to remember: the search for accommodation to rent cannot be improvised. It’s all about ORGANIZATION.

1- Organize your apartment or house search

Little trick to find a rental quickly : carry out the retro-planning of your search! Identify the key dates for your rental project:

  • I determine the deadline for my move into the future rental. Know more about izdavanje stanova kotor.
  • I deduce the date on which I give notice of my current accommodation (I find out about the time allowed: 1 month or 3 months notice?)
  • I gather the necessary documents to compile my rental file
  • I consult the real estate advertisements and identify the days when I am available to schedule visits
  • Once I have found my accommodation, I determine the number of days needed to organize my move

2- Looking for a rental between individuals or through a real estate agency?

Real estate agency vs individual

This is the question that many of us ask ourselves: “should I find my rental alone, or through an agency? “.

Whether or not to use a real estate agency depends on several things:

  • The time you can spend looking for your future apartment or house
  • Your requirements in terms of search criteria (rent, surface area of ​​the accommodation, number of bedrooms, equipment of the accommodation, location, parking, garage, type of heating, etc.)
  • Whether or not you know the city or geographical area in which you will be living
  • Your financial resources (finding a rental through an agency involves agency fees)

What advantages, what disadvantages?

Going through a real estate agency to find a rental has the advantage of benefiting from the expertise and advice of real estate professionals and reducing the time of your search . However, you will have to provide for agency fees or costs, calculated according to the size of the accommodation and the municipality in which the rental is located.

Conversely, if you are armed with patience and want to avoid any additional costs , consult the real estate ad sites. For an effective search, target specific criteria. You will see more clearly among the thousands of apartment and house rental ads online.

3- Compile your rental file: a fundamental step in the search for accommodation

It is essential to compile a rental file and to gather the supporting documents that will be requested by the agencies or owners.

Keep in mind that the search for a property to rent is sometimes a real race (especially in town: the long queues for the visit of an apartment in Paris, does that ring a bell?

By presenting a complete rental file during your visits, you increase your chances of obtaining the apartment or house you like. Among the documents, here are the supporting documents essential for the constitution of your rental file:

  • Photocopy of an identity document (identity card, passport, etc.)
  • 3 last tax notices from the tenant or guarantor
  • Student card (if student)
  • Etc.

4- Visits to apartments or houses for rent: take the time to inspect

Visiting a rental property requires extreme vigilance! Go through the housing with a fine-toothed comb and observe it in every nook and cranny.

Ask questions to the landlord or the agency in charge of the accommodation: what work has been carried out? When are the last paintings? What is the energy consumption of the apartment or house? What type of heating? What is the exact amount of rental charges?

Once the visit is over, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the accommodation and then compare it with the other apartments or houses for rent that you have visited.

Be reactive in the choice of accommodation: do not lose sight that the search for a rental can be a race against time!

5- Signature of the lease and inventory of entry into the rental

The signing of the rental contract

You have found the ideal accommodation and you have agreed on a date of entry into the premises with the individual or the real estate agency.

Before signing the lease, read it carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Decrypting such a document indeed requires some knowledge.

The signing of the lease is accompanied by the delivery of the first rent, the deposit, and the payment of fees if you have used a real estate agency.

The signature of the entry inventory

You (finally) have the keys to the accommodation in your hands and you are all excited. Not so fast, there is still a very important step: the entry inventory .

As for the visit of the accommodation, examine the property in detail : walls, floors, ceilings, fittings, toilet bowl (… yes, when we tell you everything, that’s EVERYTHING!).

Write down all your observations on the inventory of fixtures even if it is tedious: you will thank yourself when you leave the rental.

6- Organize your move

You can’t wait to move into your new home. But have you thought about organizing your move ?

To make it enjoyable, prepare a list of things to do before you leave :

  • Find moving boxes
  • Cancel the various subscriptions (water, electricity, gas, internet, etc.)
  • Rent a moving truck
  • Call on your friends and/or family to help you on the day
  • Sorting out your belongings: a move is an opportunity to sell furniture or accessories

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