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In recent years, there has been a clear trend in buying tiles. XXL tiles determine the movement and ensure that every room appears more significant and elegant. In our range, you will find high quality in large format. Discover designs with a wood or marble look, in other natural stone designs or with a carpet look.

In large, bright rooms, square  XXL tiles with a stone look provide a representative eye-catcher. If you want to make your eat-in kitchen warm and cosy or decorate the walls in the living room with tiles, designs with a  natural stone look are ideal. Here you will find light and dark stone colours, different grains and lengths. For walls with an exclusive metal look with modern charm, we recommend large formats with a distance of 120 cm. Because they are high-quality, robust Choosing quality and long-lasting design walls with it, choose a permanent solution with offers from TilePro. Of course, you can also dress up a fireplace with  XXL tiles. Infinite Leisure is one of the leading swimming pool tile suppliers in Dubai. The design does not play a role here since the heat resistance is the same for all products. If you have any questions or want to order product samples to view, contact us and tell us about your concerns. There are many reasons why large-format tiles have become established. The breathtaking look and variety of designs are just two examples. Also, the offer in the laying of XXL tiles has an advantage. It would be best if you had less material and working time to design your walls according to your requirements.

Design diversity with XXL tiles

Can you imagine covering walls with XXL wood effect tiles? Are you enthusiastic about vintage carpets, and would you like this look on the walls? XXL tiles are a solution you make in perspective for the future and where there are no limits to your imagination in-wall design. You will find wall tiles in large format with an elegant marble look, modern metal designs, and an elegant slate look. The advantage of all products is the different sizes you can choose based on the wall area. These are trendy Tiles with edge lengths of 100 x 100 cm. If you want your wall to have a  longitudinal concrete look, we recommend, for example,  XXL tiles with exposed substantial regard. High-quality  XXL wall tiles are available in numerous designs and are suitable for every room. In the past,  tiles came in standard sizes and limited scenarios. Today you can also opt for tiles if you prefer to lay marble in a large format. The tiles designed in large format are visually indistinguishable from the original material. But the maintenance effort is significantly lower, and you buy a  wall covering that lasts long and is characterized by the best quality. The numerous designs are a good reason for you to deal more intensively with the advantages of  XXL tiles.

Tiles professional – THE contact for tiles in large format

In our exhibitions throughout Saxony, you can be inspired and get to know the variety of wall tiles in large format. Do you have questions about installation, or are you considering whether  XXL designs are suitable for smaller kitchens, bathrooms and apartments? We would be happy to advise you and look forward to answering you with helpful tips from more than 20 years of professional experience. It is best to visit us in our branches, where we are personally there for you in  Dresden, Zittau and Görlitz. Of course, you can also contact our team online and get all the information about your favourite XXL tiles to catch up.

Find your  XXL tiles at  TilePro. Please get to know the advantages that the large format brings with it. Your rooms will inspire you with their elegant flair, no matter what design your heart beats for. Here you will find large structures for every individual requirement for wall tiles.

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