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Reading is basic for the development of children and we must encourage it from the time they are babies. At first, we will be the ones who read to them, but when they have learned to do it on their own, we must help them discover the magical world of books by making adapted titles available to them.

Although I am of the opinion that children’s books have no age –because any child can enjoy reading them depending on their concerns and knowledge-, I have decided to make a compilation segmented by age. I think that these titles that we show you below are essential for children, and they should not miss the opportunity to read them.

baby books

The love for books begins when our children are babies. Introducing young children to the world of reading is not only possible but also very positive , since they begin to enjoy it through play. These titles that I show you below are perfect to introduce the little ones to the fantastic world of literature.


This book is part of a collection of sound books from Editorial Timunmas, which will help the little ones in the development of their senses .

It is a book with six different sounds that can be heard in the natural world, and that the child will discover just by pressing the button with his little hands.

Who I am?

Who opens their eyes at nightfall? Who nibbles carrots nonstop? The children will have to guess it by moving the tabs of this story with surprises. A perfect book to surprise babies and discover the different animals while having fun .

It belongs to the Combel publishing house and its author is Tristan Mory.


This simple story belongs to the collection “From the cradle to the moon” along with other titles such as Miau, Veo Veo, Luna or Zapato, among others. Crocodile is one of the most widely read children’s books, captivating children with its poetic pictograms , its striking images and its reading rhythm. Check out more interesting articles on our site Fit Blog.

The author is Antonio Rubio and the illustrator Óscar Villán. It is edited by Kalandraka

the instruments of the world

Another wonderful book from the collection of sound books from Editorial Timunmas, which will reveal to the little ones the sounds of up to six instruments in the world , such as the mandolin or the bamboo flute.

a kiss before bed

All baby animals kiss their mother before they go to sleep . A beautiful story to tell your child before going to sleep. Simple, cute text with striking illustrations that will captivate the little ones.

Teresa Tellechea is the author and Alicia Padrón the illustrator of this beautiful story published by Libros de cardboard.

pepe the chicken

Chicken Pepe is growing a lot because he is very greedy! This classic story is, without a doubt, one of the children’s favorites , which dazzles both for its fun pop-up illustrations, and for the exploits of its endearing and tender protagonist.

The author is Nick Denchfield and the publisher is SM.

Can I look at your diaper?

Mouse is very curious. He has to sniff around everything, even his friends’ diapers. He sniffs, one by one, in the diapers of Hare, Goat, Dog, Cow, Horse and Pig. Of course, his friends also want to look at Mouse’s diaper. And they get a big surprise.

This fun story with bright illustrations is perfect for little ones who are starting to get out of the diaper or are showing an interest in how their older siblings pee .

Guido van Genechten is the author and illustrator of this story from the SM publishing house.

cuckoo after

Peek-a-boo is perhaps one of the first games that babies learn and with this amusing story with large illustrations and bright colors they will have fun lifting the flaps and finding out which farm animals are hiding behind them .

Francesa Ferri is the author and illustrator of this great story from the SM publishing house.

The little book of animals

What are the names of the cat’s children? Who hatches from mother hen’s eggs? Do you know the name of all the baby animals? A fantastic book to teach the little ones some notions of the animal kingdom through tabs and tabs with fun and endearing illustrations.

Its author is Nathalie Cloux and the publisher is Timun Mas Infantil.

Little Marina says No!

Little Marina says “No!”: “I don’t want to get dressed”, “I don’t want to shake hands with mom!”… But finally she gets dressed and goes outside to play. Say yes!” doesn’t seem so bad after all.

A cute and fun book from the “Little Marina” collection, with which younger children will learn to manage their anger and the “no” stage.

Books from 3 to 6 years

In this age range, many children begin to learn to read , opening before them a universe of wonderful stories through stories. Thinking of these little readers , we recommend a series of titles with simple texts and striking illustrations that should not be missing at home.

everyone yawns

An ideal book for children who resist going to sleep ! Each double page presents an animal that, yawning, shows us its enormous mouth by means of a flap mechanism, until in the end they all sleep. Its fun illustrations and the dynamics of reading make it perfect to accompany your little one when going to bed.

Its author is Anita Bijsterbosch and it is published by the Combel publishing house.

Nacho’s five senses

The senses are very important in Nacho’s daily life. With his eyes, his nose, his tongue and his hands he can know the world around him. In this book the five senses are presented and he reflects on their importance , through short texts and rhymes, vocabulary, illustrations and question and discovery games.

This title is part of a collection of stories in which Nacho is the protagonist, written and illustrated by Liesbet Slegers and edited by Edelvives.


The story of this elephant, different from the rest of the herd, is also a classic among readings for the little ones. It is perfect for transmitting to children such important positive values ​​as solidarity, respect, friendship and, above all, the celebration of differences.

Its author is David McKee, and the publisher is Beascoa.

Guess how much I love you

Nice and tender story to talk about love and feelings with our children. Through this sweet story, children will understand that love is something difficult to measure , and that no matter how much we try to find a way to describe the size of our feelings, we will not always succeed.

From the publishing house Kókinos.

the color monster

The Color Monster doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He has messed up his emotions and now it’s his turn to undo the mess. A simple and fun story that will introduce children and adults to the fascinating language of emotions , teaching them to identify them and name them.

It belongs to Editorial Flamboyant and both the text and the illustrations belong to Anna Llenas.

What does the moon taste like?

Animals had long wanted to find out what the moon tasted like. Would it be sweet or salty? They just wanted to try a little piece, but as much as they stretched out their necks, legs and arms they couldn’t catch it. A beautiful story that tells us the importance of working as a team to achieve a common goal .

Edited by Kalandraka and written and illustrated by Michael Grejniec.

Giraffes can’t dance

Every year in Africa, the Jungle Dance is celebrated… and the animals love to dance and do pirouettes! Chufa wants to participate in that famous dance, but as everyone knows, giraffes can’t dance! Or if…? A cute and funny story in a fabulous fold-out album.

The illustrations and the fold-outs make it very attractive for young children, but the text is perfect for children who have just started in the world of reading. Editorial Bruno. Author, Giles Andreae. Illustration, Guy Parker Rees

Let’s go bear hunting

Entering into the reading of this story is to open a door to imagination, suspense and adventure that will undoubtedly excite the little ones. Accompany the main family to hunt a bear because, who’s afraid of the bear?

Its author is Michael Rosen and the illustrator Helen Oxenbury. Edited by Ekaré Editions from the El Bosque de Libros collection.

butterfly ears

A book that explains to us, through a simple text full of sensitivity, how any physical characteristic can be the subject of parody among children, something that we must all fail by educating our children in tolerance . Likewise, history shows us that the characteristics that differentiate us are those that also make us unique and special .

the tree of memories

Fox had had a long and happy life, but now he was tired. He gazed at his dear forest one last time and closed his eyes forever. A book to teach us to understand events as important in life as death or the absence of loved ones.

Death is a very sensitive subject , but one that we must deal with children when it occurs or when that doubt arises, offering them a sincere and age-appropriate explanation . Books can be a great resource to help us explain this moment to them.

It is a book written by Britta Teckentrup and edited by Nubeocho.

From 6-8 years

From the time children begin to master reading, any title or children’s story that captures their attention can be perfect for them . Discovering new worlds, meeting characters and going on adventures through the pages of a book will help them boost their imagination and creativity.

This stage is crucial to strengthen children’s reading habit , and parents can help them with essential titles that they should not stop reading.

Platero and me

Platero, the little donkey created by Juan Ramón Jiménez who has dazzled generations of Spaniards, approaches the little ones thanks to this magnificent edition of poetic prose especially aimed at children.

Edited by Edebé .

Good night stories for rebellious girls

Once upon a time there was a princess… a princess? What?! Once upon a time, little girl, she wanted to get to Mars. Once upon a time there was a woman who became one of the best tennis players in the world and another who discovered how butterflies metamorphose. 100 stories of women who have achieved great achievements .

Stories for children who dare to be different

A book about gender roles that offers children a welcome alternative message, one that celebrates introverts and innovators, sensitivity and resilience, individuality and expression. Because masculinity can mean many things .

This is an accessible compilation of 75 famous and not-so-famous men from past to present who made the world a better place through compassion, generosity, and self-confidence. Each of them was a rule and stereotype breaker in their own way.

A book from the Aguilar publishing house written by Ben Brooks.

My body is mine!

It is essential to teach children to say no and reject unpleasant contacts. That is why it is important for all children to become aware of their emotions and their bodies , and learn to set limits. Books can be a great resource to help them.

Little Nicholas

It narrates in the first person the story of little Nicolás and the world seen from his childhood mentality . Nicolás and his friends continually get into trouble to the despair of his parents and teachers.

Its author is René Goscinny and it is illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé. Edited by Santillana

Fray Perico and his donkey

In the 19th century, the arrival of Fray Perico and his donkey Sock will disrupt the peaceful existence of the twenty friars of a convent in Salamanca who live doing good and distributing what little they have. The convent will soon experience crazy situations, full of humor and joy, thanks to this cute character.

This classic tale from the Barco de Vapor publishing house , written by Juan Muñoz Martín and illustrated by Antonio Tello, never goes out of style. The story is fun and endearing and great values ​​such as friendship, kindness and solidarity can be extracted from its reading .

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Another of the classic stories perfect for this age that tells the adventures of Charlie Bucket, a very good boy from a very poor family who wins a contest to enjoy a visit to the gigantic chocolate factory of the eccentric Willy Wonka and his team of Oompa – Loompas. There he will discover a magical world and a group of very peculiar children.

Where the monsters live

A classic published in 1963 that has won several awards. Its protagonist, Max, is a misunderstood and rebellious boy whose greatest desire is to be a monster that terrifies anyone. When, after doing mischief and mischief, he undergoes a transformation, he arrives at the place where the monsters live and there he will be the king. But is it as easy as it seems? Will she miss his house?

The simplicity of its texts and its striking illustrations can make it ideal to tell it to younger children, although I personally recommend reading it from the age of six to get more out of this moving story.

Eighth journey to the Kingdom of Fantasy

Any of the multiple adventures of Geronimo Stilton will captivate children of this age, as they will find a world full of fantasy in the life of its audacious protagonist. On this occasion, a new threat hangs over the Kingdom of Fantasy: the hands of the Chronofantastic Time Marker, the magical clock of the Land of Time, have begun to turn faster and faster, thus altering the passage of time throughout the world. kingdom.

harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

The Harry Potter novels, written by British author JK Rowling, chronicle the adventures of a young wizard and his friends during their years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The release of the first novel, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, took place in 1997, and since then six more novels have been published. The seventh and last, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ was released in 2007 to great success. All the books have been translated into more than 65 different languages, and have been listed as the best-selling book series in history.

This first part is the most appropriate for children of this age group.

From the age of 10

From the age of 10, approximately, the reading habit is already acquired and children begin to show their preferences for different topics or even authors. Some time ago we recommended some youth novels for children between 10-12 years old, and in this section we expand the information with other titles that, in our opinion, are also essential to fill the library of young readers.

The little Prince

Although this well-known classic tale can be perfectly read at younger ages, my recommendation is to defer reading (or read it again) from the age of 10 in order to seek a deeper meaning to the story . And it is that every time the Little Prince is read , the meaning of the reading can change, since it is a book that admits many interpretations and that can surprise even in adulthood.

The endless story

This work by the German Michael Ende, is another of the great novels of literature translated into more than 36 languages ​​and made into a film on several occasions. It was published for the first time in 1979, so like the previous title, this is not a classic as such, but rather a “new classic of children’s literature” , as it has been cataloged by experts.

The novel, which has two clearly differentiated parts, features Bastian, a boy who finds a book that talks about a land called Fantasia, a place where darkness is destroying everything…

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