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Fiorella is a name of Italian origin that comes from the word fiore , which translates as “flower”. For this reason, its meaning is related to flowers, the beauty they emanate, light and brightness. Due to their wide and varied range of colors, flowers are captivating motifs for home decoration, clothing and much more. For this reason, the name Fiorella is popular among those who are looking for names with meanings as beautiful as theirs for their babies. In this article, we will investigate the meaning of the name Fiorella and its origin. In addition, we will explain the personality of women who are called that and much more, keep reading! Fiorella is a girl’s name.

What does Fiore mean?

Fiorella can have several meanings due to suspicions of its origin. Believing that it comes from fiore , flower in Italian, there are those who translate the name as “little flower”, “flower” or, adapted to the woman who wears it, ” one who looks like a flower “. In any case, the meaning of Fiorella is related to the root of the word and alludes to the beauty of flowers. Do you want to know more about samuel meaning name.

Origin of the name Fiorella

Fiorella is a name that comes from Latin . As for its origin as a name, several theories suggest that it derives from Italian, since it is used as a diminutive of flower ( fire ). Check out the meaning of name Samuel.

Diminutives and variations of the name Fiorella

Fiorella ‘s diminutives are:

  • Ella
  • Fiore
  • Fio

As for the variations of the name Fiorella, two are known: Fiorela and Fhiorella.

The name Fiorella in other languages

Since Fiorella comes from fiore , which is “flower”, some of the known translations of the name are based on this other. Therefore, we can find that in Spanish it is translated as Flor or as Flora in German. Fiorella as such, we can find it in the following languages:

  • French and Dutch : Fleurette
  • Portuguese : Florinda
  • Romanian : Florina

Personality of the name Fiorella

Women named Fiorella are usually very cheerful and positive people , capable of finding happiness in the little things. Likewise, they transmit this optimism to all those who approach them, so they are always surrounded by people who adore and care for them. These women are characterized by being kind, supportive and generous, they have great inner beauty and, like flowers, they captivate all those who look at them and listen to them.

In love , women with this name are usually very successful, and not only because they find lovers easily, but because these people are usually just as kind and affectionate as they are. Of course, sometimes, because Fiorella is so confident, she can be disappointed.

At work , Fiorella is creative, imaginative and enthusiastic. She doesn’t think too much about the future because she prefers to live in the present, so the ideal professions for her are those that allow her to fully explore her abilities and get her full potential without worrying about the results. In addition, she has a great adaptive capacity, so that she can work with practically any person and environment.

In family and friends , whenever he has free time he takes advantage of it to call or see his loved ones. She loves to be surrounded by one of them, which is why Fiorella is a very familiar woman.

Celebrities named Fiorella

  • Fiorella Faltoyano : Spanish actress whose full name is María Blanca Fiorella Renzi Gil.
  • Fiorella Migliore : Paraguayan model and actress.
  • Fiorella Sargenti : Argentine journalist.

Fiorella’s Saint’s Day

The Santo de Fiorella is celebrated on November 24 .

Numerology of the name Fiorella

The number of the name Fiorella is 6 .

Popularity of the first name Fiore

According to the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain there are no more than 20 women with the name Fiorella, so it is a name that is rarely used throughout the country.

In other countries, on the other hand, a higher popularity index is observed, such as in Italy where, according to data obtained through the Instituto Nazionale di Stadistica, between 20 and 70 girls named Fiorella are born each year.

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