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Riddles are a type of sentence riddle , usually in the form of a rhyme. These simple puzzles usually include descriptions and clues for the child to find the solution.

Many of them have an educational component , since they represent traditions or basic concepts such as animals, colors , fruits, countries or different objects.

We have selected 53 riddles to ask children according to their age, which will stimulate their imagination and logical reasoning , and with which you will be able to have a good time with them.

Riddles for children 4 to 5 years old

  1. Pretty flower that turns looking for the sun. Sunflower
  2. What gets wetter while drying you? The towel.
  3. What is something and at the same time nothing? The fish.
  4. It rings at the same time every morning, to tell us: Get out of bed! The alarm.
  5. They all want me to rest . I have already told you! Think no more. The chair.
  6. A wrinkled old woman who used to give wine when she was young and is now a little fruit. passes it.
  7. I have wings and a beak. I talk and talk, but I don’t know what I’m saying. the parrot
  8. And it is, and it is, and you won’t guess it for a month. The thread.
  9. I am the letter of the canvas, of the wool and of the moon. If you don’t guess my name, you won’t guess any. The L
  10. If the air blows, it comes to the face . Who is bald does not have it. The hair .
  11. I am always open for all children. Closed and I only stay on Sundays. The school .

Riddles for children 6-7 years old

  1. It is a cougar and it is not an animal; fly and float The foam .
  2. I tell you and you don’t understand me, I repeat it and you don’t understand me. The fabric .
  3. It has a neck, but no head. the bottle
  4. It is elongated and orange, it is eaten by rabbits in order to grow old. The carrot.
  5. That thing is? That thing is? That she runs a lot and has no feet. Wind.
  6. It is white, the hen puts it , it is fried with oil and eaten with bread. The egg.
  7. White inside, green outside. If you don’t know, wait. The pear.
  8. Between the rain and the sun, a full color arch . The Rainbow.
  9. I am inside a sheath and I am neither sword nor saber. a pea
  10. Tulle and it is not fabric. Bread, but not table. the tulip
  11. It is small like a pear , but lights up the whole house. The light bulb.
  12. Tall as a stick, head up and only eats leaves that are on top. The giraffe.
  13. I am a bird and I am flat, but I have no beak or wings. the hazelnut
  14. I have long ears and a tiny tail. If we have a race, I win hands down. Rabbit.
  15. I walk without legs, I carry my house on my back. Wherever my body passes, a silver thread remains. The snail.
  16. Zorra they call her, although always the other way around . The Japanese eat it and it is a very rich dish. Rice
  17. I hiccup when I say my name, who am I? The hippopotamus .

Riddles for children from 8 years

  1. Big, very big, bigger than Earth. It burns and it doesn’t burn, it burns and it’s not a candle. Sun.
  2. Dates are my fruit and palms I give to the rough. The palm.
  3. First little egg, then little cocoon and later I’ll fly like a little bird. Do you know who I am? The butterfly.
  4. I have the shape of a duckling , I am arched and round. The two .
  5. It starts as a musical note, ends as a poultry. The cabbage.
  6. It tells you the day, the year and also the month. The calendar.
  7. From Monday to Friday I am the last to arrive, on Saturday I am the first and on Sunday to rest. The letter S.
  8. My sting is harmful, my body insignificant , but the nectar that I give, you eat instantly. the bee _
  9. Gold seems silver is not. Open the curtains and you will see what it is. The banana.
  10. The letters arrive and I don’t know how to read and, although I swallow them, I don’t stain the paper. The mailbox.
  11. What is the number that if you put it in your hands it is worth less? The nine.
  12. I sing on the shore, I live in the water, I am not a fish and I am not a cicada. The Frog.
  13. It is born in the sea , it dies in the river . That’s my name, well what a mess! Mario.
  14. Everyone goes through me, but I never go through anyone. Everyone asks about me, but I never ask about anyone. The street.
  15. A tall thin letter is. The moon and the sun carry it, but in the air you do not see it. The letter L.
  16. He has teeth and does not eat, he has a head and is not a man. Garlic.
  17. I am beautiful from the front and somewhat ugly from behind, I transform every moment as I imitate others. Mirror.
  18. If I am young, I’ll stay young. If I’m old, I remain old. I have a mouth and I don’t speak to you. I have eyes and I don’t see you . The portrait.
  19. On earth they planted you, the birds desired you, when you were golden men reaped you. The wheat.
  20. If you add his twin brother to three, you know which one he is. The six .
  21. Many ladies in a castle, they all wear yellow. The oranges.
  22. I’m a crazy tied up that I only serve for salad . Lettuce.
  23. What number becomes zero if you take away half of it? The eight.
  24. What number has the same number of letters as the value it expresses? The five.
  25. Jump, jump and the tail is missing. The Frog.

Riddles: a good entertainment

Riddles are ideal for rainy days at home , to do while waiting (for example, in a queue, in the doctor’s waiting room…) or to disconnect from technology. They are fun and also help stimulate the minds of the little ones. Check out more interesting articles on our site Fit Blog.

And it is that they not only offer you the possibility of having a good time with the family, but also encourage the logical and rational thinking of children; and even some require thinking “differently”, using imagination and creativity to solve them. Thus, with them they have fun without stopping learning .

“There is something more important than logic: it is imagination.”

-Alfred Hitchcock-

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